Indian Falls Creek

JULY 28 – AUGUST 2, 2024


*Registration fees have increased for 2024 - Please note for Ages 6 & under, registration cost is $40.00 and for Ages 7 & under, registration cost is $80.00. 

*Mandatory background check is needed for all campers who are age 18 & over and are staying overnight on the grounds for the entire week or even one night. This includes those that stay in the cabins or Falls Creek hotel/motel. The background check will be good for two years.

*IFC Campers Meeting on Sunday July 21 for those that are attending IFC with Circle of Life. At this meeting all registration forms and fees will be due.

*We are accepting donations of food, supplies and materials for IFC - food items and supply items are posted on IFC bulletin board at church. 

*Any questions pertaining to IFC for Circle of Life can be addressed to our IFC Committee - Ben Little (405) 765-8960; Elsie Little (405) 481-0189; Leslie Tanyan (405) 245-9953 or Trace Tanyan (405) 519-3772.


2024 IFC Adult Registration Form - click here

2024 IFC Child/Youth Registration Form - click here

2024 Background Check UPDATE - click here

Feel free to find more information at the Indian Falls Creek website by visiting